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[ MH ] - Kojima Yuuta by VanilleCream [ MH ] - Kojima Yuuta by VanilleCream


Kojima Yuuta

Age: 16

Date of Birth: February 14

Year: 1st

Height: 144 cm (changed his height)

Gender: Male

Club: Host Club - President

Home or Boarding School: Boarding School - 3-D

Class: 1-A

this is very messy and i should reallyy consider rewriting it soon..

Yuuta grew up with his parents and big brother, Rui in Takayama (which is pretty close to Hida-Furukawa) where their parents own a jewellery store and live a happy romantic fairytail life. 
The jewellery store in fact explains the bunny hair pin Yuuta is always wearing. His mom made it for him when he was very little, and the momma's boy he is, he's kept wearing it. Always.
If he lost it, I don't even want to know what would happen. 

Yuuta is very cheerful and innocent most of the time, but can have pretty scary thoughts-- and sometimes it shows. (t
hink he might have gotten it from his mommy)
Especially when the matter includes his big brother Rui or anyone else very close to him. He doesn't like it when people are getting too close to his brother.
Sometimes, he's even ended up spying on Rui to find out where he is, what he's doing and without telling his beloved little brother??
He also likes 'copying' everything Rui does. For example, you can blame him for Yuuta's love for otome games. 

He gets clingy pretty easily and can end up invading your personal space. This of course, does not count if you're a friend of Rui or someone he doesn't trust.
He can also be pretty shy about this kind of stuff if the other person is the one making the first move. Depending on how well he knows the other person and such.

Yuuta tries to hide his possessive side as good as he can, and usually does some kind of mean prank or secret revenge rather than start yelling about it out in the open.
This is so that if someone accuse him of something..bad, the ones close to him wouldn't believe it.

A few months into Yuuta's first year at Miyagawa, things started to change between him and Rui.
Yuuta had expected the two of them to continue being able to do everything together like they used to. They were even sharing a dorm room together right! 
But things didn't turn out the way he wanted, at all. Especially not after Banri came into the picture.

Alot happened and eventually the two of them had a fight so bad it caused Yuuta to move out.
After a while he met 
Noburu, who he quickly bonded with and the two of them are now sharing a dorm room together.


 Cheerful and innocent (when his yandere isn't showing that is )
 Can be easily embarrassed or shy, depending on the situation and people he's around
 Childish and impulsive
 Easily hurt, at some points (he'll cry easily too)
 Momma's boy
• Whimsical and forgetful (mostly when it comes to the small not too important things, or things he doesn't actually care all that much about . . erhm)


 Energy Drinks (not that he needs them)
 Apple Muffins
 Sweets and treats (addict just like his brother)
 Noburu's cooking
 Everything vanilla
 People who treat him like he's important
♥ Praise
♥ His ps vita (usually plays otome, rpg and other story based games)
 Anime. Favorite genre, harem & reverse harem


Being criticized
Rainy/Windy weather
Feeling tired
Dentists, Doctors
When his hair is wet
The dark


✿ Voice - Yamamoto Kazutomi ( sounds most similar to Yuuya Mochizuki from Another )
✿ Singing example -  &…
✿ Like mentioned, his parents are a typical romantic forever couple, and actually planned for him to be born on Valentines Day. Oh the cheesiness~ 
 Usually brings his ps vita with him anywhere, in case of boredom
✿ Gets very very grumpy when people laugh at him, or even if he suspects they are laughing at him
✿ He smells like cinnamon & vanilla
✿ Likes listening to blcds and similar
 He's very scared of thunder and lightning storms
✿ Has a tendency to randomly doze off if he's relaxed enough
✿ Scaredy cat, sometimes
✿ He can be a little oblivious and not even notice if people are being mean to him, but at the same time, steal his hair clip, tell him he's bad at something he thought he was very good at, or ignore him and he will cry.
✿ Can end up getting overexcited and take ideas a little too far sometimes
✿ Currently addicted to the game, cookie run! 


Shouldn't I write something else here too..? Probably.

Kojima Rui - Big Brother and Close friend
Ueno Nanami - Close Friend
Victoria von Sternenhagen Close Friend
Yamada Noburu - Boyfriend/Soulmate/Better half - or in Yuuta's words '' Mine. Do not touch. '' 
Hayashi Sakura  - One sided rivalry

Message me if you want to RP 
Note: I take everything from a few hours to a few weeks to reply right now..

Prefers notes and a semi-lit kind of style, or shortish lit--
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